Contact information:
94 McGregor Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 0A2 
Phone: (204) 284-8323
Fax: (204) 478-1030

As the centerpiece of the Native Clan Organization’s range of services Manitou House serves as an intermediate stage on the journey toward reintegration. This half way house through its’ experienced staff and structured environment offers assistance in easing the transition from the institution to freedom and personal independence in the community. Manitou House staff and programs can help through empowerment and advocacy which lends to one discovering their strengths and confidence to move onward.

Manitou House is...
• A place that offers an opportunity to adapt
  your lifestyle and begin fresh.
• A place where you can begin to manage your
  plans toward re-establishing relationships
  and vital community supports.
• A place where someone will listen and offer
  guidance toward valuable life skills
  and decision making.
• A place to learn and experience Aboriginal
  culture and its values.


Manitou House offers...
• Open Sharing Circles
• Drum Teachings
• Relapse Prevention Program
• Spiritual Advisor services
• Information on support and social service agencies
• Caring and knowledgeable staff
• Meals are provided

Acceptance of residency upon assessment of:
• Level of risk of safety to both the community and

  the offender
• Institutional Behavior
• Proactive participation in programs to address any
   substance abuse issues, anger management issues,
   and promotion of self healing
• Acceptance of responsibility of one’s actions
• The needs of the individual and can they be met
• Bed space availability
• All other cases will be assessed on a case by case basis

Residents Circles

Manitou House residents are encouraged to attend the Residents Circles to address their needs, wants or suggestions for the house.

Every Thursday Night: In the Cultural Room

Need Assistance Finding a Job?
Writing a Resume?

Employment, training or education options, update your resume, get tips interview techniques, community resources for gaining employment or to upgrade your present employment situation, this is for you.

Regina House Staff will be available
Every Monday to Wednesday

You will have access to the resident computer for your job searches,
resume updates and bus schedules.

If you want a job, make looking for a job a FULL TIME JOB. 

Manitou House Newsletter

Do you have artwork, poems or stories you would like to submit to the Regina House Newsletter?

Send your submissions to:
Native Clan Organization
94 McGregor Street
Winnipeg, MB  R2W 4V5

or e-mail them to: 

Manitou House Fitness

Regina House is now providing Physical Training with a Certified Personal trainer for all residents.

If you have fitness and health goals we will provide you with customized fitness training sessions and nutrition programming to help you meet your goals! Whether you want to tone up, pack on some muscle, shed a few pounds, run a marathon or just get into better shape, we can help you achieve your goals.

We can also provide you with gym passes to the
City of Winnipeg fitness facilities FREE.

Participants must undergo a general health and fitness assessment before starting the fitness program.