The Native Clan Organization offers several services. Upon entering the agency at its home base at 94 McGregor Avenue in Winnipeg, MB, an air of welcome is evident.

The NCO Resource Information Center is intended to provide our clientele and the community visitors with immediate access to community resources and useful programming.

NCO attempts to keep current our inventory of community materials and communications which we receive or seek out and make available to all who enter. Access to a courtesy phone, access to our cultural room and other goodwill is available upon request from our head office staff composition.

Parenting can be rewarding and fun. It can also be confusing. We are committed to strengthening families through offering parenting coaching using information
based on current research and delivered in your home.

The Family Matters Program

A comprehensive look at the different types of abuse that can occur within a family setting between partners, siblings, or parents and children, as well as extended family members. Without intervention, it can become intergenerational and deeply rooted to a point where it may seem like normal behavior for those involved. Those who participate in the abuse, as well as children who witness the abuse are at high risk to copy and repeat the learned behavior.

This program uses the four directions of the medicine wheel to introduce topics. The program will address the psychological, emotional, and physical trauma that occurs to those living in this type of dysfunctional situation, especially when addictions are a major part of the lifestyle. The approach is non-judgmental and supportive. 

In sharing circle style, discussions are encouraged surrounding various topics such as “the types of abuse”, “relationships & jealousy”, “managing anger”, “substance abuse anger and violence”, and “changing beliefs” to name a few. Other topics help free and heal the spirit by providing a safe supportive environment to acknowledge and talk about past trauma that may have contributed to current patterns of behavior.

Cultural activities will include sweat ceremonies, letting go ceremonies, and elder teachings to re-establish cultural identity to help in the healing process. The program will also provide support in building self-esteem, recognizing the benefits of forgiving oneself and others in order to create optimism and positive lifestyle changes.


For more information contact Linda @ 204.998.4818

Addictions Awareness
& Relapse Prevention

This program provides after hours crisis and addiction counseling to residents who are on their recovery journey towards a substance/drug free lifestyle.

Individual counseling sessions and intervention plans are developed and supported throughout a resident’s stay.

Designed to address the negative behaviors that men choose while trying to cope with their negative feelings, this program helps men to identify the underlying causes of their addictive patterns and how to discover pro-social ways of coping and healthier ways of coping.

Our Addiction program provides Residents with an opportunity to collectively share their past experiences, struggles and healing journeys within a supportive, safe and culturally relevant learning environment.



The Seven Grandfather Teachings are my own Greatest Guiders

with Reintegration Officer LINDA CAMPBELL

What does Reintegration mean?

1. To amalgamate or help to amalgamate (a person or group) with an existing community.

To the Native Clan Organization (NCO) and the staff of Regina House, Reintegration/Release Planning (within our mandate) consists of assisting clients in trying to accommodate them with everyday needs such as referrals and guidance towards employment/training and education opportunities, family concerns, community support, advocacy and resources.

NCO/Regina House has many resources to connect an individual to with specific needs related to culture and ethnicity and residents will be referred to our on-site Elder or other outside resources.
The process of reintegration should begin while a person is still incarcerated and this gives the individual the hope, the tools and the much needed supports towards planning for a healthy crime free lifestyle change

Reintegration/Release planning is, and can be, a very lengthy process and supports in returning and being accepted back into the community is of high importance.

To help us achieve this, Native Clan Organization
would like to welcome Linda Campbell to the staff.

Linda is pleased to join such a dynamic group of people at NCO as a Reintegration Officer. Advocating and facilitating programming for those involved in the justice system, Linda provides tremendous support to those involved. She provides teachings and guidance, modeling healthy and respectful interpersonal skills to those incarcerated or in the community.

Linda is a long standing community volunteer and is passionate in her role as the National Aboriginal Director for CHF Canada, constantly recognizing the need for more community co-operative housing. She has been involved with the North End Women’s Center, Lord Selkirk Women’s Centre and Youth Alliance as a past Chairperson(s).


"You have wandered away from your teachings.
You must concentrate on your spiritual teachings...
Don't be sidetracked."

Why are the Elders always telling us to know the culture and listen to the teachings?

The teachings tell us how to live in harmony with the laws and principles of the Great Spirit. Living means life, a happy life. Many of us have grown up without the teachings and the culture that is why we don't know how to live.

To improve on relationships, to treat our children with honor and to respect our Elders, we need to live by the old teachings again.

"Great Spirit, today, Show me how to live!" 

Cultural Program

Elder/Spiritual Caregiver

Regina House provides on-going Spiritual support for all Residents, irrespective of religious or cultural backgrounds.

Manitou House provides full-time Elder/Spiritual Care Giver services, ceremonies and transportation to Sweats in order to provide a holistic approach for Residents in their healing journeys and reach their Reintegration potential.

 Smudging Ceremonies and Drop In Elder Services available daily at Regina House.


One-on-one Counselling

Sharing/Teaching Circles

Sweat ceremonies every Saturday


Residents who would like to meet with an Elder or attend a Sweat ceremony  can call (204) 943-7357 OR email to book an appointment.